What's New at FireFightersWorkout.com?

Welcome to my blog.

Here, I'll share ideas, strategies, and upcoming changes to the website as well as the world of firefighter fitness training. It's been an interesting seven years, since my book was first published, and there's been some exciting changes and updates to my approach.

I'd like to announce that I've been selected as the American Kettlebell Club's Fire / Rescue Advisor and Coach. The AKC is headed by world champion kettlebell lifter, Valery Federenko, who've I had the honor of being personally trained by in over 50 individual lifts. His mastery of kettlebells, as well as his dynamic philosphy has invariably spilled over to many other aspects of my training regimens.

With that said, I still find a place for non-kettlebell lifting, and there's a solid place for many standard movements that we're all familiar with. What's most unusual in this new approach is a greater emphasis on strength/endurance (one word) versus treating strength and endurance separately.

It's important to not waste time on movements that isolate and engage too little muscle to be of much functional worth. Perfect exercise form, when prolonging sets, also becomes paramount. If you've not adhering to perfect form on the first and last rep, you're not actually doing much. So set your goals lower and end when form is gone.

I find this type of training to be a perfect match with the extreme level of physical exertion put forth by firefighters across the country at just about every structural fire.

Over the next few months, I'll be writing more about this exciting topic.