Spring Programs at FireFightersWorkout.com

The long, cold winter is behind us, and thoughts of getting in shape are on many minds. My new system, STS Training, borrowed from many of the concepts behind Kettlebell Training, is featured with both my online, and in person programming.

STS, simply stated, is
Sequenced Timed Sets, put together to form a Loop, or one giant-set. High reps, utilizing a relatively light weight with perfect exercise form is key, the major player in this simple, but highly effective way to build strength, endurance, while you lose weight, and generally prepare yourself for anything.

I'll provide all the links below:

Online programs for firefighters:

Online programs for firefighter candidates:

Online programs for civilians (non-firefighters):

One-on-one programs for firefighters and candidates:
firefighter or candidates

One-on-one programs for civilians (non-firefighters):

Make your choice today and get started!

Good Luck,
Captain Mike