Firefighting, the Old Fashioned Way

Fires are still extinguished the old fashioned way - with an aggressive physical effort by the firefighters on-scene! Glorious technology, with all it's innovations, hasn't changed that. But what has changed is the level of thermal protection afforded by heavier protective gear, the resultant increased workload, as well as a deeper, more aggressive initial fire attack.

Physical work capacity, along with higher core temps are easily reached. A firefighter's ability to handle this gargantuan physical effort is directly related to his or her preparedness, both mentally (achieved via study, drills, training, and experience) and physically (consistently progressing with specific exercises).

As typical American's, brainwashed by what they see on TV and in fitness magazines, most firefighters get caught up the typical isolation of muscle groups versus working the body as a whole. This training does little if anything for firefighting abilities, work capacity, and protection against heart attack. In fact, it can develop useless bulk, more of a hindrance than help. Learn to train like a firefighter, click here.

Firefighters must stop worrying about how much they can bench press, or the mileage they can log in each week, as that's not relative to what they do. It's time to treat structural firefighting as if it were an athletic event and teach firefighters to train like athletes - specifically for the task at hand.

Mimic actual movement patterns, explosiveness, and timing sequences of actual firefighting operations, while building the elusive quality known as strength-endurance (one word), or strength that lasts. This dynamic approach will blow away everything you know about resistance or cardio training - like running with weights!

I learned really quick, a firefighter needs strength that endures! The development of this ability, strength / endurance, is what the Firefighter's Workout is all about. Another bonus; when training in this manner, your body will naturally surrender its fat stores, building lean, powerful muscle, not useless bulk. Your work capacity and job performance will skyrocket.