Mind Over Muscle

Recently I've come to realize that there's much in this universe we don't really understand, and sometimes, if not always, a strong mind will dominate over matter. Let me explain.

With the popularity of books like The Secret, much attention is being given to what was once coined The New Thought Movement. At the turn of the 19th century people like Charles Haanel and Wallace Wattles were making history, bringing some ancient metaphysical concepts to the forefront of America's consciousness.

Thoughts become things is the simplest way to state this rather complex ideology. Any thougth held in your mind's eye will eventually manifest in your reality, whether by direct or indirect action on your part.

The approach taken is considered scientific, and rejects any magical explanation. Theory states that whether you believe or not, you are continually taking part in this process of creating your own reality, but usually unconsciously, and without much control.

Many of today's self help gurus like Tony Robbins echo these teachings. It also can bring about very tangible results as it relates to the physical body. You begin to understand that exercise of any kind can be just as much a mental effort as a physical one. Specifically with the type of training I emphasize (Kettlebell Lifting and STS Training, staying with a set becomes a mental decision that your body simply obeys. Mind over muscle in action.

So whether you're a proponent of the New Thought theory or not, cultivating a strong belief in your own abilities is a powerful accelerant to any training.

The additional of a power visualization technique can enhance whatever type of training you're into. Add this missing link to your workouts: set aside some quiet time before you train to mentally recreate what you'll accomplish in the gym and how it will positively affect your body. Emotionally feel the satisfaction and joy this brings you. Bask in the gratitude of having made it.

Take it a step further. Mentally painting as much detail as you can, see the successful sets, reps, and perfect form, as the new you easily handles it. Let this all sink in for a couple of minutes before you get to work.