World Competition in Miami


It's been a banner year for the American Kettlebell Club and the rest of the kettlebell world. Head coach Valery Fedorenko, and editor-in-chief Eric Liford managed to train over 200 coaches, and many competed in this first AKC hosted event. Some milestones were reached as Ashley Hughes, Kelly Moore and Marty Farrell all achieved Master of Sport rankings in kettlebell lifting. See full results: >> Miami Results

A few champions from eastern Europe showed up, and they were beyond impressive to watch. I had the privilege of serving as judge for a fellow AKC coach, while right next to Ivan Denisov's impressive 151-rep jerk set in 9 minutes.

Beyond the overall monumental improvement of the American athletes and the greatness of the Europeans, what impressed me most was the courage and will of every competitor who stepped up to the platform. And for many it was their first time.

What I discovered about kettlebell lifters is that they support every competitor who gets under the bells. The common bond of timed sets without dropping the bell, and the courage to get through a tough set is powerful glue. Regardless of weight, reps, or level, this brought us all together. Not one set ended without a big round of heartfelt applause.

Of course, my biggest interest was in how Ashley performed. Achieving Master of Sport and first in women's long cycle, pro division, was quite impressive on her first time out. This was a big validation for our system of training which took place over ten months. Ashley, with virtually no weight lifting background, never saw a kettlebell before a year ago.

Melissa Brady and Vanessa Turner, also East Coast Kettlebell team members, competed as well. At the last minute Melissa decided to work at the professional level (16kg) in long cycle -- nice job! Vanessa's performance was stellar in both the Jerk/Snatch biathlon and long cycle. Even the Russian's seemed impressed.

Let me leave you with a brief quote from the AKC's editor-in-chief, Eric Liford.
Ashley Hughes and Kelly Moore both made Master of Sport as well. This says a lot about the information Valery has released since January 20th - our first Certification. Kelly and Ashley were both Coached by Valery and another Coach...Kelly by Catherine, and Ashley by Mike Stefano. This proves the information is transferable. We knew it was true, but we had to let it run its natural course to prove it. And after a few months we have these Superstars!
The official results of the competition will be posted by the American Kettlebell Club, as well as on this blog - coming soon, stay tuned...

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