AKC Coach's Cert in Edision NJ

It's been honed to fine art. The AKC's two-day Coach's Certification format has become a powerful way to learn all important kettlebell lifting technique as put down by Valery Fedorenko. Ashley and I had the privilege of working with Valery, as I served as squad leader along with Marty Farrell, and the experience was priceless.

By the end of the second day, mostly everybody understood exactly what was necessary to complete the key lifts. Valery's six points on mastering the rack position (see below) was a major breakthrough for many. His hands-on correction of Swing technique seemed to mold the amazed athlete's body around the kettlebell, erasing months of trial and error. As I coached, working side by side with Valery, I was in awe of the Champ's ability to breakdown any language barrier and express to the new lifter precisely what was needed.

Six Points of the Rack Position
  1. Kettlebell handle sits on the hip of the palm (heel of hand, pinky side)
  2. Wrist is relaxed and back (as if making okay sign)
  3. Fingers, except for index, tucked behind bell handle
  4. Arm forms a V to cradle the ball of the bell
  5. Elbow is on the hip (illiac crest), round the back
  6. Knees are straight and hips are forward
Both Ashley and I worked hard all day, but it was worth every minute. We're both passionate about kettlebell lifting and what it can accomplish for just about everybody. That made for a non-stop learning experience for our students. The atmosphere for learning seemed almost tangible. People were picking up technical skills with little frustration. Our Squad had everybody Jerking and Snatching by the second day -- an amazing accomplishment.

Great job Eric, Valery, Marty, Ashley, Lauri, and everybody else that helped out. This was truly a stellar event. Thanks also to gym owner Zach for the space and awesome location.