WKC Licensed Fitness Program

WKC Fitness License is now available through Master Kettlebell Trainer Mike Stefano at $597 per license. The license fee includes two kettlebells and WKC Fitness Manual (total value of $250), as well as access to the AKC fitness trainer's forum. Be one of the first in your area to receive this direct license!

Premiering in New York City on May 24, 2008. the World Kettlebell Club has rolled out its long awaited fitness program for all to see. I'm proud to say, I was part of the monumental experience, assisting AKC head coach, Valery Fedorenko in presenting the program at Club H, on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

I'd been personally testing the kettlebell fitness plan on a limited basis, with my own students. For a few months prior to release, I administered the program to some of my students, and with remarkable results. There is a definite shift in focus from the purist mentality of always setting personal records during one long, super-intense set to combining three exercises at a specific number of reps per minutes, minutes of work, and length of recovery.

These factors are ingeniously manipulated into a 20-level progressive system that takes much of the guess work out of how to proceed in your training. The program also features the use of the lightest kettlebells available (8kg or 12kg), while manipulating duration, volume, and recovery in a nice, neat package. Staying true to the AKC One True Way means technique is still king, but possessing less than perfect technique with a lighter bell allows the novice kettlebell lifter to jump right into the program at level one, even without total proficiency. Technique steadily builds over time, and the more highly technical movements can be added into the program (IE: Snatch) at a later time.

Our newly licensed trainers ate up the information, everybody present realizing the powerful nature of what they've just learned. The repercussions of the release of this program will literally be felt across the country in our gyms and health clubs. America's approach to health, fitness, and weight loss will never be the same.

Quick Program Synopsis

  • Work with 8kg (most women) or 12kg (most men)
  • Utilize 3 exercises from 14 possibilities
  • Progress in minutes per hand (MPH) from 1 to 3 at specific reps per minute (RPM)
  • Progress in reset time (reduce recovery between sets) from 2 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Satisfy rep requirements before moving up in level
  • Perform once for basic level training or twice for advanced level training
  • Complete all 20 levels with current kettlebell before advancing in weight
The World Kettlebell Club Fitness Program represents a Licensed System, and only Licensed WKC Fitness Trainers may use it for profit or with clients and students. For more information on how to get licensed to be a World Kettlebell Club Fitness Trainer, or for the next scheduled license workshop, contact me at: michael.stefano@gmail.com