Kinesthesia and the Art of Kettlebell Lifting

Article by Vanessa Turner KBNY Coach / Trainer
Kinesthesia... "the sense that detects bodily position, weight or movement of the muscles, tendons and joints." I had to call upon Wikipedia to assist in my attempt to capture my experience with kettlebell training. It has truly been a physiological awakening for me and the term "Kinesthesia" best captures the overall benefits, I've obtained since I started training with Kettlebells.

One swing of the bell arrested the attention of every muscle in my body. The swinging weight of the kettlebell created an ability and the urgency to be grounded, balanced and to master the art and efficiency of breathing in and out. Having practiced martial arts, basketball and dance, etc., nothing has, so immediately and completely connected me to my body as, "The One True Way of Kettlebells". Nothing has created the effect, nor the personal satisfaction of practicing Coach Stefano's methodology. It's the most challenging, rewarding and the most "fabulously-unique" sequence of positions and movements I've ever encountered. It is unlike anything else you'll ever do.

Kettlebell training provides IMMEDIATE return on your investment. Both mentally and physically. Depending on the weight and length of the set, you call upon every resource in your body to maintain proper form and make it to the end... that's the mental part! Not to mention wrapping your head around the reality that this technique is an on going learning process. Unless you happen to be Mike Stefano himself, you're in the constant state of being a "student" of the technique. And how wonderful that mastery of the technique has no bearing on the return and benefits to your physical fitness! How cool is THAT!?

Kettlebells have literally changed my life. I am stronger, more agile, more balanced and centered. I've lost weight, tightened every muscle in my body without being aware of it.

Before knowing what I was doing, I gave up bad habits, changed my diet and stopped smoking. And it's been absolutely painless and effortless. I'm on auto-pilot to make all the changes which improves my relationship with the bell and my comfort level, while I'm under it. For the bell is unyielding to bad habits!

Needless to say, Kettlebell training has become a small addiction in my life and has replaced any other "exercise program" I may have, previously sworn by, in the past. They just don't address the over all , "Kinesthetic Connection" that Coach Stefano so often talks about. Everything you do AFTER the introduction of the kettlebell will be improved. This is the guarantee. Give it a "swing"'ll see what I mean! CLICK HERE for more information on Gym KBNY and Coach Mike Stefano.

Thanks, Coach've changed my life!;-)
Happy Training!
Vanessa Turner