Workshop At Empire Martial Arts

This was a stellar event, hosted by Alan Condon, owner and operator of Empire Martial Arts in Colonie NY (right outside of Albany). We were treated with the utmost hospitality and respect, surrounded by a group of athletes ready to learn -- and learn they did!

The workshop focused on the basics of kettlebell lifting - from Swing to Snatch and everything in between. Alan's students were fast learners and just about everybody in attendance was performing all the lifts at the end of the day.

In addition, as a Master Trainer with the AKC, I provided Alan with a WKC fitness license, enabling him to teach the WKC fitness program at his facility. If you'd like to acquire a WKC fitness license, contact me via email at:

My workshops always start with learning the very basic movement of the Swing, the foundation of all other lifts. Without good swing technique, it's impossible to progress. Alan's students demonstrated a willingness to learn and left their egos at the doorstep. The small group of 8 men and 2 women put aside any previous kettlebell knowledge, and surrended to the AKC methodology. This allowed rapid progress throughout the workshop.

Next, we tackled the clean and the more technical aspects of the rack position.

  1. Bell handle lies diagonally across the palm, resting on the hip of the palm
  2. Fingers, except the index, are tucked behind the bell handle
  3. The elbow finds the hip, or illiac crest, and rests there
  4. The arm is rotated to find the best possible support for the bell
  5. Knees remain straight with the hips forward
  6. The wrist is relaxed, allowing the forearm to relax as well
Press and Push Press were up next, before moving on to the more demanding elements of the Jerk. The Jerk is where many hit a stumbling block, and sometimes it takes more than one session to get the basics of this most althetic movement. Alan's students rose to the occasion and most were jerking on their first day -- an incredible feat!

Snatching is a very demanding movement, and before it can be tackled, the student must demonstrate adequate shoulder stability. Most everybody was snatching and dropping the bell within an hour of their first look. This is a testimony to Alan's methods of conditioning, and his student's body mechanics. Job well done!

I want to thank Alan Condon for hosting this event and helping to bring One True Way Kettlebell Lifting to the martial arts. For more information on kettlebell training or workshops, contact Mike Stefano at: