The One True Way of Kettlebell Lifting

As arrogant as the title of this article might initially appear, there's plenty of truth, and zero intended arrogance, when dealing with the current state of kettlebell lifting in America. A kettlebell lifter who doesn't take the time to learn established and highly successful protocols of experienced users simply limits him- or herself, and will never reach full potential.

The difference between established protocol and everything else is simple -timed sets with lots of technique in exercises like the swing, jerk, and snatch. Sets can last from a couple of minutes to 20 or more. The high level of specific technique is needed to allow the lifter to gradually acclimate to these long sets.

You could call kettlebell lifting a skill, but over time, and with patience, any healthy individual can gain proficiency. But without this level of skill the lifter has to put the kettlebell down (or switch hands) in very short order. Most often it's not because major muscles were reaching failure, or he or she were out of breath, but because the hands, wrists, forearms, and smaller muscles ached, forcing the lifter to halt the set.

But what happens to the body when the lifter doesn't have to put the bell down or switch hands? What type of results can be achieved at this level of training? That's the million dollar question.

Valery Fedorenko, former Kettlebell World Champion and Record Holder brought this previously guarded, and priceless information to the United States when he formed the American Kettlebell Club. Over the last two years, Head Coach Fedorenko held dozens of Coaches' Certifications worldwide. I personally attended the first cert in January '07, and have since become a major component of the WKC and AKC.

I've been witness to the difference this type of training can make in peoples lives, in their abilities, both with my students and members of the club. Nobody's saying the training is easy, but if you do the work, the results are beyond remarkable.

Members of the AKC misinterpreted arrogance comes from the passion over the results they've seen or achieved themselves. This isn't shameless self promotion, ego, or arrogance. It's about wanting others to experience something that they know in their heart of hearts, works!

There's a veritable explosion of imitation kettlebells online, in sporting good stores, even in Target! Gyms all over are advertising kettlebell classes. My friends tell me about where they heard or saw kettlebells. But iron balls with handles doesn't a kettlebell make. If you're not doing timed sets with specific technique, with ProGrade Kettlebells™, you're not experiencing the One True Way, and you're not reaching your full potential.

Research it all. Take a peak at those who engage in the sport as a highly evolved system that's completely different than anything being done in this country. Here's a list of links that should help you understand some of what the One True Way is all about.