Workshop at the Plainsboro NJ Fire Department

My crew and I made our way down the New Jersey Turnpike on a snowy Sunday morning to conduct a firefighter / kettlebell fitness workshop with the members of the Plainsboro Fire Department. It was worth the ride.

There were 15 members in attendance, all ready and eager to learn this "new" way to prepare for the daily rigors of fire duty. Not really athletes, or fitness buffs, these are the true heroes of our nation who volunteer their time to protect their fellow citizens who need a viable way to train.

All were eager to get their hands on the bells. We rolled out our new program, featuring the First Responder Kettlebell Protocol. I'm happy to say, the program was a true success. Here's what their Fire Safety Officer had to say:
"Our fire company saw Mike Stefano's First Responder Program as an excellent first step in establishing an ongoing firefighter fitness program. He's an excellent teacher who was able to relate the specific elements of the program he taught us to our work as volunteer firefighters. Everyone in our class, which ranged in age from 21 to 55 and covered a wide range of fitness levels, fully participated and was able to master the program. Almost as impressive as what we learned was the sense of teamwork and accomplishment as we worked our way through the First Responder workout at the end of the class, cheering with and for each other at our accomplishment. It's a great class that I would highly recommend to any volunteer, combination or career fire department or first responder organization."
--Tom Healey, Safety Officer, Plainsboro, NJ

The program is in its early stages, but was quickly picked up by everybody in attendance. We've worked long and hard on preparing the program specifically for firefighters and other first responders, and our hard work paid off.

For more information on how to get your department on the First Responder Kettlebell Program, please go to: workshop info, or contact me at: