Kettlebell-Enomics 101

What does a steel ball with a handle have to do with the economy? In this article, I'll deal with the minimalism of kettlebell training and the WKC Fitness Program, and how it relates to your time and energy, as well as your wallet.

Time is money. That's a pretty much an accepted theory in our society. We exchange a percentage of our time in return for currency that can be traded for goods and services. Americans, in our quest for the fit and healthy body, spend and waste, a lot of time.

I can train dozens of new people each month, and invariably our session starts with a brief discussion on their exercise history - including how much time they spend training. A common scenario I hear is, "I do 15 exercises, five sets of each, every day." or "I lift weights an hour a day, and run 60 miles per week." or the most popular, "I'd train more often, but I just don't have the time."

Time is a hot commodity that's in huge demand and on short supply. The WKC Kettlebell Fitness Program features three sets and takes about 20 minutes. It can be done in home, incurring zero travel time. Even with a five minute warm up and cool down, the lifter is done in less than half an hour. The training is progressively intense, giving the lifter a complete full body strength, endurance, and cardiovascular workout, while improving overall flexibility.

Energy is everything. An individual who's always in a state of fatigue and soreness has a tough time making it through their daily routine, never mind adding an hour or two of exercise into the mix. The high-rep, timed sets of kettlebell lifitng changes all that. The lifter will typically experience no next-day muscle soreness, except when just starting out. After a brief initial acclimation period, the workout invigorates.

Recovery is quick and dramatically improves as the lifter's cardiovascular system becomes much more efficient. Kettlebell training shares the same benefits of other cardiovascular exercise, improving overall heart health and efficiency, allowing the heart to pump more blood with each beat, lowering pulse rate and blood pressure.

Performing hundreds of reps with a relatively light weight within a few sets doesn't come with the same risk of injury as doing multiple sets of ten or twelve reps with a greater resistance. The inherent lack of added tension also promotes easy, fluid motion. Kettlebell lifters also report sleeping better on training days. The end result is more energy.

One professional grade, fitness level kettlebell costs about a hundred bucks. That's it, you're pretty much done. The WKC Fitness Program can be done at home with no travel or gym expense. The same rules apply to my First Responder Kettlebell Program, or any other WKC or AKC protocol. It just doesn't get much cheaper than that.

In a time when the numbers are being crunched on every level, you can still save money, not waste any time, and actually increase your daily energy reserve. WKC Kettlebell Lifting is true kettlebell-enomics 101. For more information on WKC / AKC programs, contact me at: or go to: