AKC Coaches Certification, NY June 2009


"Have you heard about the new Master Trainer (MT) Program implemented by World Kettlebell Club and Valery Fedorenko? A select few who have shown exceptional teaching ability in the high level techniques introduced by Valery, are now responsible for Licensing new WKC Fitness Trainers in what is now the most sought after Kettlebell Fitness Protocol in the Industry. This MT Program has already been running successfully for a few months, but now we need to announce some of the Master Trainers publicly so you can get on their schedules ASAP. As you may or may not know, the Fitness Course is a pre-requisite for the Coach Certification overseen by Coach Fedorenko. If you want to come to any of these Coach Certifications, you absolutely MUST pass your Fitness License first!" -WKC Editor In Chief, Eric Liford

AKC Coaches Cert 2009 Schedule
San Diego, CA / June 6-7

Long Island, NY / June 20-21

Denver, CO / September 5-6

Ann Arbor, MI / September 19-20

Cincinnati, OH / November 14-15

I'll be hosting the the NYC / Long Island AKC Coaches Cert on June 20 and 21 with Valery, and I'm proud to help make this high level of kettlebell training available on the East Coast (specific details to follow). This is the first ever AKC Coaches' Cert where all attendees will be licensed WKC trainers. This represents a rare opportunity for more productive training with Valery himself.

As a Master Coach and Trainer with the AKC, I offer the licensed WKC fitness program on a regular basis. You can check my website for details and the Spring schedule. There are only 3 workshops left before Coach Fedorenko comes to NY. I've been working feverishly over the last few months, conducting WKC Fitness License Workshops on a regular basis, preparing for this event.

Technique begins with the Fitness Program. This is where you learn the basics of real kettlebell lifting that will serve as a tool to train yourself for a lifetime, or make a dramatic difference in your clients' lives. In this less-than-stellar economy, the WKC Fitness License and / or AKC Coaches' Certification can surely separate you from the rest of the pack. >> LEARN MORE ABOUT GETTING LICENSED.