Why Kettlebells?

As a Master Coach with the American Kettlebell Club, one of my main functions is to teach kettlebell lifting to as many people as possible. but this article will exclusively address the WHY of kettlebell lifting, or what should make any individual embark upon real kettlebell training.
Kettlebell lifting, as defined by the American and World Kettlebell Club for Fitness, Kettlebell Sport, or Sport-Specific Strength Conditioning involves the use of a professional grade kettlebell™ for sets that are timed. Typically, hand switching is permitted once per set, but there are exceptions. Exercises include the Swing, Press, Push Press, Jerk, Snatch, as well as variations.
Most people that get into kettlebell lifting have been looking for something better -- a better way to lose weight and get in shape, a better technique to lift kettlebells, a better way to prepare for firefighting, a better program for mix martial artists. High rep timed sets take the kettlebell lifter where American weight lifters have never gone before - beyond 30 second sets. Longer sets deliver performance enhancement that isn't possible with traditional weight lifting. As mentioned, the approach can vary, Fitness, Sport, or Strength and Conditioning are standard protocols. There are also Tactical, First Responder, and Strong Man programs on the horizon.

Seven main exercises encompass the program. Mastering these moves results in extreme safety with high intensity. That equals big results! This unique process builds incredible joint strength and mobility that prevents injury and keeps you healthy, challenged, and training. There's no reason to invent an endless variety of questionable moves to keep people entertained. Our stance is that the bent press and turkish get ups are best left for feats of strength, not everyday training. The challenge, and built in adherence, comes from program progression, whether training for competition or not.

The reality is that few people want to train to compete as a high level professional. That's not to say they won't want to train hard, but Master of Sport is the ranking of a professional kettlebell athlete may not be sought by everyone who picks up a pro grade bell.

Everyday Jane or Joe can achieve remarkable, advanced results and feel tremendous satisfaction, simply training for Fitness or Strength and Conditioning. Technique is consistent throughout, so the learning process begins the same way regardless of what level you plan to take your kettlebell lifting to. So have no fear, jump in and get started now! For more information on kettlebell training go to: EastCoastKettlebells.Com