A New Concept in Kettlebell Training

The East Coast Kettlebell Club is proud to announce the introduction of its new program. The ECKC is teaming up with IronWorks Fe to offer Kettlebell Training Day. Read more about this practical, cost effective, and productive way to hone your skills.

Coaching is being a professional and an authority in your field, where you as a mentor provide paying clients and athletes with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside vantage point. Coaching is an on-going collaborative partnership built on taking action that leads to your team's best performance.

Are you getting the best performance from your athletes? Are they getting the best coaching from you? Are you being consistent and supportive? Qualified coaches are at the forefront of change; helping others succeed and feel good about themselves as an athlete. In the coaching and training process we will help you to become massively successful with your team while others will follow.

Invest in yourself and reap the rewards enjoyed by those taking positive action and improving themselves as a serious and top professional coach. YOU can make a difference AND make a great living, while building a noticeable team. Do you have what it takes? You've been certified... Now What?

·Successfully build your Sport Team - Team building is win/win
·Encouraging athleticism & fitness for clients
·Generate Income for your business
·Breathe new life into athletes who crave exciting performance
·Do more for your athletes - push them to do more than they ever could on their own
·Help your people take themselves more seriously
·Create consistency and forward momentum
·Help your team become more balanced; efficient and focused

·Competitions: Networking opportunities for both athletes / coaches.
·Athletes: New friendships, camaraderie, healthy competition, great motivation, building kettlebell community; observe various techniques from other athletes.
·Coaches: Exposure to experienced Master Coach Mike Stefano, who's had numerous years of hands on training with Head AKC Coach Valery Fedorenko.
·Bottom Line: This is an amazing way to generate extra income for your business. Your team business and athletes will stand apart with this unique niche in the fitness industry.

Even if you've never lifted kettlebells, you can benefit from this first exposure. If you're new to the sport, growth will be accelerated by seeing what overs have achieved.

Our next Training Day is on Saturday, July 11 at 9 AM at the headquarters of IronWorks Fe. For information on how to register for Training Day, please: CLICK HERE