Up. One word, one objective.

If you took the sport of kettlebell lifting and broke down the technique, and broke down the technique, and broke down the technique, it could reduce down to one syllable. Up.

When American Kettlebell Club, Head Coach Valery Fedorenko is at a lifters side, his words are simple and highly focused. The kettlebell lifter immediately knows that when Valery says up he means stay focused like a laser beam on doing the best possible job on each rep, and realize that this is the only way to maximize performance. The ONLY thing that should be on the lifters mind is how to execute the best possible rep that will drive the kettlebell up. Up. Up. Up.

This is no joke, as you can feel the power of the word as it leaves the coach's lips - a transforming experience for anyone who has never before received training from a high level AKC coach. The AKC is all about high rep timed sets, using Fedorenko Methodoloy, with professional grade kettlebells™ . High levels of fitness can be achieved many ways, but kettlebell lifting, as it has existed for decades, is about moving the bell with the best technique possible, doing the best job possible.

In Eastern Europe, kettlebell lifting is based on decades of training, where millions of people have perfected the system through endless trial and error. The training is highly evolved and rather sophisticated. So much so that when the first Russians brought kettlebells to this country, they felt it necessary to morph kettlebell lifting into into something they called "hard style". It is easy to learn, but without the elite level results. These hard stylers also make the mistake of comparing apples and oranges, as really strong men gravitate to this method, but the Fedorenko methodology can positively impact any healthy individual.

Maybe the Russians were right about Americans not being willing to learn something new, but unless you're using the Fedorenko method for high rep timed sets of specific exercises, you're not even scratching the surface of the possible benefits. It's your choice to go -- Up!