Look Good Training Hard with Kettlebell Fitness

I've been in the fitness industry for the greater part of two decades. The Firefighter's Workout Book (HarperCollins 2000) has sold 80,000 copies world wide. Today, I'm proud to say that I'm a Master Coach and Trainer with the American and World Kettlebell Clubs. I have brought scores of people from totally out of shape to extremely fit. But ask the average person what is it that they expect from an exercise program and most will tell you, they want to look good!

At AKC Fitness LI, my team of top notch trainers work with businessmen and women, athletes, firefighters, and yes, sometimes just the average Jane or Joe who needs to drop a few pounds. But people with a need for high-levels of functional fitness (athletes, firefighters), still place much importance on the show muscles. Everybody wants to look good, and as your body begins to transform, you are motivated to continue, giving you a tangible, visible reason to keep on coming back for more.

At AKC Fitness LI we don't claim to be body builders, but our training methodology can be tailored to provide an exceptionally high caloric demand, and deliver long lasting muscle tone. Building muscle mass and reducing body fat is influenced by genetic predisposition and diet no matter how you exercise. That's an excepted fact in the fitness industry. Following a sensible diet that includes plenty of high quality protein, fresh fruits and veggies, complex carbs and fats will best support your training effort.

Here's a simple formula for looking good while training hard with kettlebells.
  • Engage in 3 to 6 kettlebell training sessions weekly following a sensible AKC protocol
  • Add in 3 or 4 days of additional light cardio at no more than about 30 minute sessions
  • Follow a sensible diet for whatever goals you've set (weight loss, muscle gain)
  • Be consistent with your training but ensure adequate rest and recovery
  • Set achievable goals, reach them, and reset to a higher level
Genetic predisposition, adherence to diet and exercise, chronic stress, age, adequate recovery, the right program, proper goal setting, all contribute to differences in an individual's progress. But the Russians have a great saying, "Just do the work," Follow this one simple rule and tangible results with kettlebell training will always follow. For more information on AKC Kettlebell and Fitness Training: CLICK HERE