Training the Trainers / WKC Fitness License

It's been just about a year since the AKC / WKC officially designated me as a Master Trainer capable of providing license to the World Kettlebell Club Fitness Protocol. I was with the AKC in the infancy of this program, down in the trenches, testing the protocol with my students, helping prepare the official WKC Fitness Manual, as well as the Master Trainer's Manual.

Fitness Professional, WKC Licensed Trainer, Firefighter, Amy Black in picture at right >>

I've licensed nearly 60 individuals around the country. From Maine to Florida, from Houston to Wisconsin, they've all made the trek to NYC and Long Island solely for the coveted WKC License. I've personally trained some of the most knowledgeable and physically fit men and women I've ever come across. Exercise physiologists, professional sport team trainers, personal trainers, marathon runners, fitness center athletic directors, gym owners, group fitness specialist, weight loss coaches, cross-fit professionals, firefighters, police officers, wrestlers, Olympic lifters, hockey players, high school coaches, boxers, professional strongmen, boat racers, yoga teachers, pilates instructors, mixed martial artists, doctors, lawyers, chiropractors, as well as kettlebell instructors have all have crossed the threshold into my gym.

Why would such highly qualified people, with the most impressive of resumes, travel clear across the country for a piece of paper from the World Kettlebell Club?

The answer is simple. As intelligent, responsible individuals they've conducted an investigation of sorts and made a discovery. Via online videos, insightful articles, or through someone in there life who has shared this information with them, they came to know the AKC and its head coach, Valery Fedorenko.

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you already know all about Valery Fedorenko. He's a true Kettlebell Lifting World Champion (1991) and Honored Master of Sport. He holds many records in the sport of Kettlebell Lifting. Many feel Valery is also the leading authority on kettlebell lifting technique and progression in the world today. His methodology, the Fedorenko Method, is now gaining popularity in the United States with many competitions held around the country annually. The AKC / WKC also boasts a growing army of coaches and trainers around the world.

People exposed to Fedorenko Methodology, who keep an open mind during the initial training, embrace it and and never look back. With AKC lifters, the results speak for themselves. The high level of technique necessary is the vehicle that brings the Fedorenko Method Lifter to android levels of strength and stamina. The WKC Fitness License Class is the only place to start.

For more information about kettlebell lifting or the WKC Fitness License, GO TO: EastCoastKettlebells.Com