Kettlebell Squad Training

3597 Merrick Road
Seaford, NY 11783

Here come the Kettlebell Squads!
The literal meaning of the word Squad is a group of people organized for some common purpose. Our Kettlebell Fitness Squads™ are conducted under the direction of one or more certified AKC Coaches, coming together for the common purpose of lifting kettlebells for the improvement of both body and mind.

As a New York City firefighter for over 20 years, the concept of training in squads is a very familiar one. Squad is actually a unit designation, such as Engine or Ladder. A firefighter quickly learns that a small, bonded group of motivated, like-minded individuals can lend true support, achieving remarkable results.

Since the inception of the AKC Fitness Long Island (the first official AKC Affiliate Gymnasium), Squad Training has risen to the forefront, and surpassed other training options such as Personal Coaching and Group Classes as most popular, while simultaneously cost effective. But as a new or potential kettlebell lifter or AKC affiliate owner, you might want to know, "What can Kettlebell Squad Training do for me?"

  • Group camaraderie keeps motivation levels high
  • Exercise becomes challenging and enjoyable
  • Lifters under constant guidance of an AKC Coach
  • AKC / Fedorenko Method for all kettlebell lifting
  • Appropriate for men/women of all levels, all ages
  • Exercise frequency and adherence improves in a group
  • Results are apparent faster with better attendance
  • Protocols for all goals, from weight loss to competitive lifting
  • Save big money in personal coaching fees
  • Logical way to train in a tough economy
  • Learn from others with more lifting experience
  • Routine exposure to high level kettlebell athletes
  • Provides greater scheduling flexibility over one-on-one
  • Squad Training scheduled Monday through Saturday
  • Social aspect of meeting other lifters, common interests
  • Chance to do some coaching as a Senior Squad Member
At AKC Fitness LI, Kettlebell Squad Training sessions are held Monday through Saturday with 5-hour AM and PM sessions. We offer daily, monthly, as well annual membership options. All new members are also put through the one-on-one Introduction to Kettlebell Course. For more information on Squad Training, go to: AKC Fitness Long Island