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3597 Merrick Road, Seaford NY 11783
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I've run a working kettlebell gym for almost three years now, and have trained everyone from firefighters to figure skaters with kettlebells. Working with American Kettlebell Club Head Coach, Valery Fedorenko, has given me the advanced skills necessary to get consistently positive results - time after time.

The success of my gym is due in large part to my association with the AKC and the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting. Because of this success, I was recently forced to begin relocation of my gym to a larger facility. Once I heard about the American Kettlebell Club fitness affiliation program, I just had to jump on it. For me it was a no-brainer.

This affiliation will give me even greater association and branding as an AKC coach and expert. I can legally advertise under the global recognition of the AKC and it's associated logo, world records, testimonials, and never-ending list of successful athletes and coaches. My entire gym will become a kettlebell fitness gymnasium, but from what I understand about the program, a kettlebell fitness affiliation can be opened with as little as one station devoted to kettlebell lifting.


Our new, state-of-the-art kettlebell facility will become the first AKC Fitness Gymnasium in the world. Scheduled to be completed by January 2010, featuring 14 individual kettlebell lifting platforms, as well as a large compliment of other equipment including treadmill, stepmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, combat ropes, Olympic barbell, Squat Rack, and much more.

AKC Fitness Long Island will be open 7 days per week, with AM and PM training. Group classes, Personal Training, and the brand new concept of Kettlebell Squad Training will be offered. Squad training is actually a way to get some hands on training, work with a high level AKC Coach, and save a bundle of personal training fees. Monthly and yearly memberships are available. >> Read More on AKC Fitness Long Island

AKC Fitness Long Island
3597 Merrick Road, Seaford NY 11783
(516) 495 - XFIT