The Making of a Kettlebell Gymnasium

I'm reminded of the Kevin Costner baseball movie, Field of Dreams, and the famous line, "If you build it, they will come..." as my staff and I literally hammer out the details of this state-of-the-art kettlebell lifting facility. But we started with an empty shell. If you know anything about real estate in Nassau County on Long Island, you know prime retail space is not cheap. A storefront on the south shore's busiest road was beyond our wildest dreams. But it happened.

After a few months and an extensive search with some local real estate agents, we'd all but given up on the perfect location, when lo and behold, right in our own backyard and just blocks from our current studio space, we found the perfect home for AKC Fitness Long Island.

At first look it was an empty shell bursting with potential. My right hand man and technical advisor, Steve Bumb, was behind this location from the beginning. Steve and I share a vision, along with the American Kettlebell Club, of what an AKC Fitness Gymnasium should be. Lots of bells with platforms lining the multiple 70 foot runs of wall space. Each lifter will be involved with the group (Squad), have their own space and designated platform, all while being coached by the AKC Coaches On Duty.

Steve and I realized we'd need to optimize our design and layout for best use, while maintaining the justly deserved image of professionalism the AKC has branded for itself. At the same time, working closely with head coach Valery Fedorenko as the first AKC affiliate, we put together the pilot version of the AKC Fitness Play Book - the bible on how to design, implement, and run an AKC Fitness Gymansium.

Membership will enjoy the benefits of this meticulous planning process. Everything from workout protocols, to platform clearance has been analyzed and addressed. The concept of Kettlebell Squad Training will be the vehicle for many AKC / WKC protocols, whereby the member can get in on high level personal coaching, while saving a bundle during these challenging financial times. There's also no limit on monthly training sessions!

  • Elite WKC Fitness Protocol
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Personal Coaching
  • First Responder Fitness
  • Military Tactical Program
  • Strong Man / Woman Protocol
  • Sports Performance Program
So stay tuned for updates on the progress on construction. Our projected ETA is the first week of January. For more about AKC Fitness LI: CLICK HERE