Personal Training without the Price

It's been a busy few weeks, planning and building my brand new AKC Fitness facility on Long Island. We're making great progress, and everything is going according to schedule. Our projected opening is early January 2010. We hope to make a huge impact on the health and fitness industry, not only locally on Long Island, but globally, as we set up the model AKC Kettlebell Fitness Gymnasium.

What's absolutely most important, however, isn't the 100 new kettlebells on premises, 14 professional kettlebell lifting platforms, firefighter-specific training stations, private shower, secure lockers, changing room, cardio center, or flat screen TV's, but rather the level of AKC Coaching and programming expertise that's always available to all members.

AKC Fitness LI features Group Classes, Personal Coaching and our premier service, Squad Training, where members can just show up any time during two, 5-Hour sessions daily (AM and PM). The coach to member ratio will normally be two coaches for every five members. New members are taught technique during the Introductory Course (required of all new members), and then become eligible for Squad Training. Member workouts are all supervised, and programming is generated by the AKC Coaches on Duty. Progress is steady and secure under the watchful of an experienced staff of AKC Coaches.

Squad Training is simply personal training (or coaching) without the whopping price tag, and a much better option for most individuals. Besides saving hundreds of dollars in personal trainer fees every month, the Squad provides group support and motivation, which promotes long-term adherence and overall success with your training.

Gym membership includes Squad Training at no extra cost to the member. For more detailed information about our Kettlebell Squad Training, Group Classes, or Personal Coaching, please visit our website at: