Published author, creator of  High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness©, and head coach at Gym KBNY, Mike Stefano specializes in functional fitness, as well kettlebell sport. Mike is a master communicator, and one of the top kettlebell coaches in the USA. Stefano also serves as a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise.

Kettlebell sport has invaded the USA, with competitions scheduled regularly. If you have interest in competition training, Mike Stefano is a professional kettlebell sport coach (Stefano coached second female to Master of Sport in USA in 2007), who has worked side by side with Russian masters, and is now bringing his patent pending KBNY System™ to you. Experienced athletes, trainers, as well as those just starting out, will benefit from Stefano's first hand experience and ability to communicate highy effective technique in an easy-to-follow, logical progression (both in person and online). Coach Stefano offers one-on-one coaching, as well as an advanced kettlebell sport course.

From weight loss to pure performance, Mike's Stefano's ACE approved, HIKF program is your full body fitness solution. Intensity levels that are easily reached in a typical workout will give you more bang for your buck. Improved health, elite fitness, rapid weight loss, and extreme performance can be yours, but the key is good technique and intelligent progression that only a professional coach can provide. Mike offers extremely effective programming for both trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

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