AKC Fitness LI Pre-Opening Notification

A message to past and future members

I've been inundated with emails and phone calls about my new AKC Fitness Affiliate Gymnasium about to open in Seaford, on Long Island. Hopefully, this blog will get you all up to speed.

Over the past several years, and since my retirement from the FDNY, I've trained hundreds of individuals, and with remarkable results. Our modest kettlebell-fitness studio has served us well, but it is time for expansion, time to implement some of the unique training concepts and protocols developed by the AKC in an environment that is capable of handling large numbers. Especially during these economically challenging times, we need a vehicle that not only gets results, but is also cost effective. AKC Fitness LI features programs and memberships options that are just that.
All training at AKC Fitness LI is under the direction of a highly qualified coach or trainer. There's no wandering aimlessly around the gym or waiting for sweaty machines. Each member is assigned his or her own lifting station, as well as an AKC trainer. All workouts are structured, supervised, and productive.

- members only
This innovative system was designed by the AKC to get you fit and save you money. Somewhere between a Group Class and Personal Training lies Squad Training, where you get the best of both without the expense. With an average of 2 or more trainers for every 6 members, all workouts are structured and supervised by an experienced AKC Fitness Trainer. You can workout any time without an appointment, and ALWAYS work directly with a top AKC trainer at one flat monthly rate - personal training without the price!

Squad Training is included in all 3 gym membership plans.

GROUP FITNESS CLASS - member/non member service
Combining kettlebells with core movements, yoga, bodyweight training, and short bursts of cardio will turn you body into a fat burning furnace. Let AKC Fitness LI show you how it's done. Burn fat, tone up, have fun. No membership necessary. Fitness classes are held daily. Walk-ins are always welcome.

PERSONAL COACHING - member/non member service
We feature personal coaching, utilizing whatever protocols necessary to deliver the results you crave. We have experienced personal coaches on staff. Personal coaching is by appointment only.


Platinum / Annual
Yearly contract, payable monthly, train as often as you wish

Gold / Monthly
No lengthy contract, one flat rate per month, train as often as you wish

Silver / Daily
Pay per day, or purchase a bulk pack of ten days that you can use any time

AKC Fitness LI will represent the first of it's kind on earth,
a gym devoted to the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting

Visit the AKC Fitness Long Island website to learn more

* Please note, this date is subject to change, as we're in the final stages of construction. It will be worth the wait!