The AKC Fitness LI Challenge

"Kettlebells - Twice the Results, Half the Time"

There is both tremendous truth and irony in the above subtitle. This phrase was featured on the cover of the most recent American Council on Exercise (ACE) monthly newsletter, Fitness Matters, in an article on Kettlebells. But lo and behold, when you turn to the actual story, there are images of models performing pushups and rows - albeit with kettlebells.

When did Push Ups and Rows become a kettlebell exercises? Please excuse my naivete, but can you not simply use a dumbbell or even a rock, and accomplish the same thing? And how can the nation's supposed authority on exercise not see that? Whether you're doing push ups off bars, kettlebells, or the floor, a push up is basically a traditional resistance movement that's been around forever. Rows, popularized by body builders, are also an old mainstay of weight lifters.

As an AKC Coach and Kettlebell Fitness Gymnasium owner, I know what gets real results with kettlebells. No labels, no comparisons, just pure facts - timed sets of productive movements with pro grade bells, using the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting, within the various protocols from sport to group classes, surpasses any fitness modality I've ever encountered. And observations are not solely based on individuals who've been weight training for years. My clientele, both firefighters and civilians, span a wide array of fitness levels, from barely able to pass a test, to super kettlebell athlete.

High rep, timed set kettlebell training, emphasizing the Fedorenko Method, can turn an average joe into a true athlete, and a good athlete into a superstar. I challenge any individual to come down and train at AKC Fitness LI, closely follow AKC methodology and protocols, and not bear witness to these results. While everybody won't see the same results in every category, most people will experience improvement in:
  • Body Fat Composition
  • Muscle Tone
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Cardio Health (pulse and blood pressure)
  • Mobility and Joint Health
  • Sport Performance (task specific)
We Challenge You!
Come and take the Fitness Challenge. If you don't see verifiable results in 30 days, Gym Membership Fees are on us! If after 30 days faithfully following the AKC Fitness Program, you don't begin to see verifiable results in one or more of the above categories, you'll be granted a full refund, no questions asked. Come in for a free demo / lesson and get started today. Visit: AKC Fitness LI.