Firefighter Fitness Center

Ten years ago I authored The Firefighter's Workout Book, a culmination of years of fitness training and battling blazes. The book presented an exceptional workout system for firefighters, or pretty much any healthy individual. Always pushing the functional fitness envelope, I constantly search for new ways to improve my methods.

Along comes the AKC and Valery Fedorenko.

It's a marriage made in heaven. Kettlebell training and the task-specific rigors of firefighting share many traits. CPAT is a ten minute realistic representation of a typical working fire, as it relates to task and exertion level (minus the safety risks). Kettlebell sets are typically ten minutes in length, and the physical exertion levels reached mimic the effect of fire operations - only safely, with very little risk, and within a system that allows for minute increments for increasing intensity. That spells total control without injury, and off the chart long term results.

Firefighter Fitness Center Opens
My new fitness center on Long Island NY, AKC Fitness Long Island, brings this concept to life. At the forefront of what we do is kettlebell training using the Fedorenko Method for both technique and program progression. Firefighters / first responders have special programs developed just for them. We also feature a full array of Firefighting and CPAT stations. From Stepmill to Dummy Drag, our CPAT Prep / Kettlebell Program is unsurpassed in readying new members. While active members may have no test to pass, the right training will prepare you for the whatever you might face, while protecting your overworked heart/lung system.

Coming soon, Valery Fedorenko and I are collaborating on a First Responder Kettlebell DVD. I now feature that same program at AKC Fitness LI. Valery and I have worked over a period of 3 years cultivating and testing this program, formulating just the right protocol and exercise progression. My 25 years of firefighting and fitness experience combined with Valery's genius and 25 years of kettlebell experience have produced a workout system that is beyond anything being used in this country today.

If you're a firefighter, ems worker, police officer, or any type of rescue worker, where life depends on work capacity, come out to AKC Fitness Long Island. We're in Nassau County, just outside NYC (about 20 miles from JFK). We'll show you a thing or two about first responder fitness. If you live or work in the area we have numerous membership options as well as a First Responder Discount rate. We also do workshops, seminars and group training at our gym, and can even travel to your firehouse. Visit our website for more information about AKC Fitness LI and Firefighter Fitness.