The First AKC Fitness Gymnasium

It's finally here. After four months, some money well spent, and lots of man-hours, we're ready for our Grand Opening on February 6, 2010. AKC Fitness LI is kicking off with a bang, holding a World Kettlebell Club Fitness Trainer's Course that same day. On the following Monday, we'll be open for regular business, including Squad Training, Personal Coaching, First Responder Training, and Group Fitness Classes.

I'd like to break down our services one by one, explaining what an AKC Fitness Gymnasium is all about. First and foremost, we're about achieving remarkable results with kettlebells, using the Fedorenko Method of high rep, timed sets. We sometimes combine this high level of kettlebell lifting with other modalities, especially in Group Fitness Classes and First Responder Training. Squad Training and Master Coaching remain our purest form of kettlebell lifting.

Group Fitness Classes ($20 and FREE to Members)
Group Fitness represent the entry level for many people. Classes feature kettlebell lifting combined with other functional fitness modalities that includes Yoga, select cardio, calisthenics, first responder training, and core strengthening. While technique is always paramount, Group Fitness shifts emphasis to the overall workout effect. Classes are scheduled daily. [GO]

Squad Training (Members Only at No Charge)
Squad Training is the mainstay of the gym membership, and included in monthly membership fees. Think of Squad Training as personal training without the high price, and you never need an appointment. Offered approximately ten hours daily, AKC Fitness LI members need only show up at the gym to receive hands on training from an elite AKC Coach or Master Coach. Coaches and trainers will be on duty and ready to work with you. Squad hours are from 6:30 to 11:30 AM / 3:30 to 8:30 PM weekdays and 8 AM to 2 PM weekends. It's no longer necessary to spend hundreds of dollars, sometimes weekly, for this type of high level training. Get the personalized results you crave at one flat monthly rate. [GO]

Platinum Membership: $99 / mo. (annual plan)
Gold Membership: $149 / mo. (monthly plan)

Silver Membership: $199 / 10 sessions (daily plan)

Personal Coaching ($80 / hr)
This is personal training on steroids... please excuse the analogy. We offer professional level personal coaching, along with fitness program design, and safe, proper execution. Sessions are by appointment only, and you must book at least 24 hours in advance. Bulk packages available. [GO]

Master Coaching ($100 / hr)
Training with Master Coach Mike Stefano for either kettlebell sport competition, or other high level sport performance, can take an athlete to the next level. Using principles honed by Valery Fedorenko, Coach Stefano knows how to transform average Joes into athletes, and athletes into superstars. Sessions by appointment 24 hours prior. Bulk packages available. [GO]

WKC Fitness License ($646)
The coveted WKC License entitles you as a trainer to advertise and teach the WKC Fitness Program. Within the course, the student learns proper technique to all major kettlebell lifts, and must demonstrate proficiency and understanding when working with the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting. Only a WKC Master Trainer can provide this license. The license also entitles the holder to attend an AKC Coaches Certification with Valery Fedorenko. There is a Coaches' Cert scheduled for March 13 and 14 at AKC Fitness LI. [GO]

We've found a simple system that makes high level kettlebell training, the kind of training that yields remarkable results, available to everybody at an affordable price. Other gym amenities include secure lockers, shower, and a broad array of cardio and functional training equipment. Anyone that lives on Long Island or in New York City Metro area, and has any interest in fitness, kettlebells, or first responder training, needs to check out AKC Fitness Long Island.