What is Kettlebell Fitness?

High rep, timed set kettlebell training, emphasizing the Fedorenko Method, can turn an average joe into an athlete, and an athlete into a superstar, while the huge caloric demand of kettlebell lifting will fry the fat right off your body. Kettlebell lifting is strength, cardio, and flexibility training all rolled into one set.

Kettlebell lifting is initially deceiving. While stuck in that learning curve, it may be sometimes be difficult to experience the type of workout that you're actually training to endure and potentially capable of. The intensity of the workout isn't felt as much in the legs, back, and wind, but locally, in the smaller muscles of the hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms. The lifter's interaction with the bell is crude, not polished. Too much unnecessary stiffness and strain is introduced into the set. The lifter needs to change his or her mindset and entire approach to resistance training, because in effect it's not just resistance training, but sophisticated cardio, and joint mobility. This only happens over time, depending upon many factors, which include the lifter's previous exercise history, kinesthic awareness, athletic ability, and probably most of all, open-mindedness.

But once past those first few weeks, things begin to shift. Workouts are experienced systemically, with every inch of your body contributing to every repetition, and there will be hundreds. Kettlebell liftings is about learning to move, and once that's mastered, getting fit is the easy part.

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