Wow! Never thought it could be this good.

We opened February 6th, on a frigid and snowy Saturday, scheduling a WKC Fitness License Certification to kick things off. Since then, we've gotten two or three more snow storms, and almost 20 new members. My staff and I are delighted --but I knew. The allure of kettlebell lifting is intense. Like powerful magnetic balls, kettlebells draw you in, but not without a reciprocal payoff.

The fact that we've fared so well during our first two weeks, even in the grips of a punishing Long Island winter, is powerful testament to what many already know. Once learned, high-rep, timed sets, using pro grad bells and the Fedorenko Method of kettlebell lifting is the singularly most effective fitness and strength conditioning modality on earth - not to mention its unequivocal value for weight loss, joint mobility, and cardiovascular health.

Professional boxers and professional secretaries have all "seen the sign", and just had to come in. If you've seen our overhead sign, you'd understand what I mean. On one of Long Island's most traveled roads, we designed and installed the official AKC Fitness Affiliate Logo. Five feet high lettering stretches out for over 20 feet. The 20 bells that line the window display invite people to come in and play. But for anyone who's really lifted kettlebells, you know this really isn't play.

But no matter what your reason for seeking help or joining a gym, we have a very specific plan or protocol, a perfect fit just for you. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff of AKC Coaches and Trainers are all highly qualified and ready to live up to every promise and expectation. For one monthly price, you'll work with an experienced AKC Kettlebell Trainer or Coach every time you train. Developing a concept we call Squad Training, our team of coaches and trainers are able to handle dozens of members in one Squad session, and deliver highly personalized direction to each one. We call it Squad Training, or personal training without the price tag.

If you're in the area, come down and check out the first official AKC Affiliate Gymnasium in the world, AKC Fitness LI. We'll be waiting...