Fire / Police Kettlebell Push Press Challenge / Fundraiser

Bravest Versus Finest Kettlebell Lifting Contest
All proceeds go to the Widow's and Orphan's Funds

Kettlebells have revolutionized the way police, firefighters, and rescue workers approach fitness. Kettlebell lifting not only provides extreme levels of strength and endurance, prepares and protects the cardiovascular system, but also teaches healthier movement patterns. Kettlebells train the central nervous system to generate force more efficiently.

The Challenge
Lockout a moderate weight to heavy weight kettlebell overhead the most times in 10 minutes* using power from both the arms and legs (aka: Push Press)?

The Fire / Police Kettlebell Push Press Challenge will be judged by all AKC qualified judges. The overall winner receives a free one year membership to AKC Fitness Long Island, Kettlebell Gymnasium, 5 one-on-one kettlebell lessons, and one professional grade kettlebell (competition bell). Full contest rules and Push Press guidelines will be posted, as well as clearly demonstrated, to each contestant. The Kettlebell Push Press, an integral part of the First Responder Kettlebell Program, was co-created by Valery Fedorenko and Mike Stefano.
*Kettlebell Lifting competitions are held around the world, and typically feature the most reps in ten minutes.

Proceeds and Sponsorship
Contestants are encouraged to bring along friends and family, as well as ask for modest pledges based on rep totals. The typical repetition totals on a kettlebell push press set will fall between approximately 50 and 200 reps, so accept pledges accordingly. We recommend a pledge of between ten cents and one dollar per rep. If you take advantage of our free training, it also means more reps, more proceeds!

Date / Time / Location
The event will take place at 11AM on Saturday June 5th, 2010 at AKC Fitness Long Island, located 3597 Merrick Road in Seaford (two blocks west of the Rt. 135).

The Details
Kettlebells used for the challenge weigh 12, 16, 20, and 24kg (that's 25, 36, 44, and 53 pounds). Each bell is assigned a numberic co-factor. Theoretically, a kettlebell lifter will do more reps with a lighter weight, so just working heavier won't always give you the best score. Remember, this is a rep contest. For the purposes of sponsorship and pledges per rep, these rules (and cofactors) do not apply.

Kettlebell Co-Factors

12kg multiply by 1.0
16kg multiply by 1.33
20kg multiply by 1.66
24kg multiply by 2.0
A numeric co-factor is also assigned to body weight. At 100 pounds or under multiply reps by two, at 190 pounds or over multiply reps by one. Between 100 and 200 pounds, multiply rep totals by corresponding co-factor.

Bodyweight Co-Factors
100 lbs and under multiply by 2
101 to 110 lbs multiply by 1.9
111 to 120 lbs multiply by 1.8
121 to 130 lbs multiply by 1.7
131 to 140 lbs. multiply by 1.6
141 to 150 lbs multiply by 1.5
151 to 160 lbs multiply by 1.4
161 to 170 lbs multiply by 1.3
171 to 180 lbs multiply by 1.2
181 to 190 lbs. multiply by 1.1
over 19o lbs multiply by 1
Bill weighs 172 lbs and is working with a 16kg kettlebell. He performs 80 total reps.

Challenge Rep Total: 129
80 X 1.33 (16kg kettlebell cofactor) = 107 (rounded off to nearest whole number)
107 X 1.2 (172 lb bodyweight cofactor) = 129 (rounded off to nearest whole number)

Pledge Rep Total: 80

Challenge Preparation / Free Lesson
In order make this a big fund raiser, we need to prepare as many contestants for higher rep sets. AKC Fitness LI is now offering a free Push Press Lesson to all Push Press Challenge contestants. When submitting your application, simply indicate when you'll be available for training. You'll be contacted by an AKC Fitness LI staff member to schedule a session. To fll out an application, send and email to: or visit the AKC Fitness LI website.