WKC Strength / Conditioning Quotient

On March 13, 2010 AKC Head Coach, Valery Fedorenko introduced his Strength/Conditioning Quotient to the world. This ingenious system is designed to measure an athlete's base level strength as well as general conditioning. The Quotient utilizes five basic kettlebell movements, generating a relevant score.

The participant performs the five movements in sequence. Set length (6 minutes) and recuperation time (5 minutes) are constant. Weight selection and pace vary. A logical formula is applied to the weight and reps, generating an overall score that reflects the lifter's strength and conditioning.

The Strength / Conditioning Quotient was presented during a recent Coaches' Cert at AKC Fitness LI. The class of hopeful coaches was eager to put the new system to the test. Students paired up, coaching and assisting one another in some of the record keeping. After a full day and about a dozen students testing, the Quotient proved to be a valuable tool, identifying each user's overall strength and conditioning level with uncanny accuracy.

Overall high score was attained by my hard working student and true friend, Kevin Wang. Kevin is a dedicated lifter who is not afraid to do the work. As the senior lifter in the room that day, Kevin can be even more proud of his accomplishment.

As a side note, I'm proud to say, the talented athlete and kettlebell lifter, Lorna Kleidman was the first ever Master of Sport achieved at our facility. Lorna looked smooth as silk working both Jerk and Snatch with the 20kg bell. Our congratulations to Lorna!

I look forward to putting the new Strength / Conditioning Quotient to the test with my athletes and more serious students. I've already rolled it out with one of my athletes, and with positive results. If you're interested in learning more about AKC and Fedorenko Methodology, or the WKC Strength and Conditioning Quotient, please click through to our website.