The Adventures of GG /Part Two

The first Gina Gymansium (GG) article was so popular, we've decided to bring her back for more adventures. Here's installment number two. 

It's day one in her training, and Gina can't help but think this new Kettlebell Gym is quite different from any other facility she's trained at.  Besides the fact that dozens of kettlebells line the walls, there wasn't a mirror in the house. Gina's coach explained that developing kinesthetic awareness was more difficult when visually focused - the exerciser was better off without mirrors. Kettlebell sets are done in front an old fashioned analog clock, using the sweep of the second hand to maintain exact control of pace. Coach Cosmo went on to explain that this level of control was one of the keys to safe kettlebell progression and the never-ending results associated with the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting.

As part of the intitial training, all new AKC Fitness LI members are put through a Kettlebell Introductory Course, bringing them up to speed on proper form, technique, and safety. This is typically a six lesson program that focuses on providing the new member with the basic skills. After the Intro Course is complete, the coach will have a better idea of what the GG's long term plans should be, and what specific progression would be most effective for her.

Coach Cosmo displays endless patience as he instructs Gina on the basics of the Kettlebell Swing - the engine of all lifts. She's shocked at the depth of knowledge the coach demonstrates, and how simply picking up the kettlebell can be broken down into such a science.  Very quickly Gina is convinced that Coach Cosmo's information is genuine. Everything he says is being validated by her own body - as she learns to move with the bell instead of fighting against it. The two spend at least forty minutes working on every detail of the swing. GG loves the fluid motion associated with the Fedorenko Method, and ready for lesson two...