GG Does Fitness

Gina is in the fourth minute of her third and final set. She's following the advice of all her good Coaches at AKC Fitness LI, and simply doing the work, laying the foundation upon which her new body will build, acclimate, and repair itself.  Recently put on the WKC Fitness Protocol, our heroine is getting the chance to do just that.

What amazes Gina most is how much stronger she's gotten while getting significantly smaller. She's lost 2 dress sizes and ten pounds in six weeks, but she can now push 26 lbs for twelve full minutes in a compact training session. That translates into dozens of reps in a very short time, and a substantial increase in general physical preparedness (GPP), or overall work capacity.

AKC Fitness LI Coach Kim Stefano, explained to Gina that GPP is the key to her success. Whether your train for weight loss, fitness, sport performance, or even muscle building, the more work you can perform in less time (safely, because an injury will only sideline you, delaying progress), the faster you'll progress. Perfected AKC technique and the sound WKC training protocols are the vehicle the human body utilizes to ultimately reach these android levels of capacity, but once achieved, the sky's the limit.

The WKC Fitness Protocol features a 20-level, ingenious progression with built in periodization. Staying just under what would be considered Sport, or Strength / Conditioning, the Fitness Protocol draws the line at six-minute sets with single hand switches. Rest is controlled, as is pace (expressed in reps per minute).  It's another tool in the AKC Coach's and Trainer's arsenal. Find out more about the different programs and protocols at: AKC Fitness LI.