The Gift

On November 20, 2006 I was given a gift, when Valery Fedorenko selected me as the American Kettlebell Club, Fire / Rescue Advisor. Initially, I didn't have a clue as to how valuable this gift really was. My limited experience with kettlebell lifting was more the product of shrewd marketing than genuine training. Valery changed all that when I attended the first AKC Coaches Certification in January '07, and got my first taste of the what would later be coined, "The Fedorenko Method".

Kettlebell lifting exists outside of the realm of mainstream exercise. It's not weight training, power lifting, or body building. It's not running or cardio. It's not stretching or flexibility training, but yet it's ALL of the above put together in one compact set.
Valery Fedorenko is a world champion Kettlebell Lifter, and the highest caliber Kettlebell Coach on the planet. His vast understanding of kettlebell sport, as well as human movement in general, has allowed Coach Fedorenko to fine tune this 100-year old discipline, into a state-of-the-art, breakthrough training modality.

  1. Technique that encourages rest to be had in the overhead lockout and rack position
  2. Moving with the bell versus against it, developing the ability to exert tremendous force over and over
  3. Fine tune all interaction with the bell, forestalling smaller muscle fatigue, allowing a more systemic effect
  4. Acquiring mental and physical fortitude with the ability to stay in the set and get in on the big results
  5. Building android levels of both strength and endurance, while working with a relatively moderate weight
  6. Banishing injuries with the associated strengthening of connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints
  7. More stamina and energy made available due to an overall increase in work capacity
  8. Vast caloric expenditure reached on every set, making weight loss simpler, easier
  9. Dense, lean muscle development, allows the skinny strong effect to take place
  10. Strong focus on central nervous system development, with quicker reaction times
  11. Complete metabolic reconditioning and associated increase in basal metabolic rate
  12. Practical, quick workouts that leave the lifter feeling energized, not over-fatigued
  13. Minimal next day muscle soreness or discomfort
  14. Sport competitions held in the USA and around the world
  15. Appropriate for all ages, levels of fitness, can start anywhere
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