Skinny Strong

Fitness has a new face, and a new body. No longer is the hypertrophated bodybuilder considered the epitome of athletic conditioning. Bloated muscle mass doesn't always translate into real fitness, and can sometimes even be a liability.  John, a senior member at AKC Fitness LI, as well as a seasoned trainer/exerciser and fitness expert in his own right, coined the term, Skinny-Strong (a phrase born in his days growing up in Brooklyn many years ago), as he rested between sets during one particularly intense kettlebell workout. The phrase hit me like a pallet of 32kg kettlebells.

There are many ways to get fit, strong, build athleticism and performance. Men and women of size can also be quite strong, athletic individuals, but so are many lean guys and girls I know. Kettlebell lifting trains the Skinny Strong in all of us. Without adding much apprecialbe "bulk", muscles, bones, and connective tissue get denser, tougher, thicker, stronger, leaner - you know, the opposite of aging! Ultra high rep sets with perfect, safe technique can build without breaking. Joint injuries that would otherwise halt a program never happen. Just the reverse occurs as joints build resiliency to sprains and strains, allowing heavier loads to be safely heaved more often, with ever-improving technique.

At AKC Fitness LI we specialize in building this Skinny Strong quality in everybody - men and women, young and not-so young, fit and fat. From accountants to construction workers, training kettlebells can help you build the body of your dreams, a body that performs as good as it looks.

Come on down to AKC Fitness LI, we specialize in Skinny Strong Workouts and we're now offering a Free Trial Kettlebell Lesson.