Strength / Conditioning Challenge

Are you ready to take the challenge? The first ever WKC Strength / Conditioning Quotient Challenge will be held on Sunday, June 13 at AKC Fitness Long Island at 3597 Merrick Road in Seaford, NY. There will be first place and second place prizes for both men and women. The Quotient was introduced on March 14, 2010 by the WKC and Valery Fedorenko, as a tool to measure overall fitness. It can also be used as a kettlebell training modality. Below you'll find the prize list and contest rules.

First Place 
  • One Quarterly Membership ($299)
  • Introduction to Kettlebells Course ($200)
  • One Pro-Grade Kettlebell ($100)
  • Total Prizes: $599
Second Place
  • One Monthly Guest Membership ($129)
  • Introduction to Kettlebells Course ($200)
  • Total Prizes: $329
The Strength / Conditioning Quotient was recently released by the World Kettlebell Club and Valery Fedorenko. It features five specific kettlebell exercises done at six minutes, with hand switches at every minute. There's a consistent five minute timed rest between exercises. The exercises are done in the following sequence and rep totals:

  • One Arm Clean (20)
  • One Arm Long Cycle Press (10)
  • Half Snatch (18)
  • Jerk (20)
  • Push Press (20)
Rep totals caps are assigned to each exercise, and listed in parenthesis above. If rep totals are exceeded, no extra points are awarded. Each kettlebell is assigned a factor that is multiplied by the number of reps performed.

  • 8k / factor: 1.0
  • 12k / factor: 1.5
  • 16k / factor: 2.0
  • 20k / factor: 2.5
  • 24k / factor: 3.0
  • 28k factor: 3.5
  • 32k factor: 4.0
  • 36k factor: 4.5
  • 40k factor: 5.0
  • 44k factor: 5.5
  • 48k factor: 6.0
    The final score is also factored into a coefficient based on body-weight to determine the absolute male and absolute female winners. Prizes are awarded the first and second place absolute score holders (as listed above).  The Challenge will be held on June 13 at AKC Fitness Long Island. The entry fee is $20, and includes a T-shirt for each contestant. We're offering a special Strength / Conditioning Challenge Prep Program for anybody interested in specific training to help give them the edge. >>REGISTER HERE.