What We've Learned About Teaching Kettlebells

AKC Head Coach & World Champion, Valery Fedorenko
It's been just about two months since AKC Fitness 
LI opened its doors to the kettlebell and fitness community. The fact that I've been blogging a bit less about kettlebell training reflects the fact that my staff and I have been coaching record numbers of individuals, of every age group, shape, size, and fitness level, on how to actually lift kettlebells. My previous training studio couldn't handle the variety and volume we now so easily accommodate.

The beginning part of this journey has been remarkable, to say the least. Lifters from ages 13 to 70 are setting personal records regularly.  Come and check out our Wall Of Fame. People are getting stronger, leaner, joints are feeling better, and there's a general sense of increased energy and stamina. The ability to move with more fluidity is being cultivated by every one of our new members. I realize that at this early stage it's not easy to gauge just how far each individual will take their new found kettlebell conditioning, but the WKC Strength and Conditioning Quotient, a unique system of measuring real-life conditioning, will give us an accurate tool to monitor progress. But so will be getting back into your old "skinny" jean!

Every member's workout is designed and logged with progress recorded by the coach or trainer. Photos and videos are taken periodically. All members receive personalized attention every time they walk through the door. We expect our lifters to maintain the AKC reputation by consistently performing good-looking, quality repetitions, and possibly hundreds of them. There's only one way to do that, and that's with proper technique. The AKC is the Keeper of the Technique of genuine kettlebell lifting because of Valery Fedorenko and the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting. At AKC Fitness LI that's what you'll get, never hype or fluff, just real timed-tested Soviet Science that's already built thousands of android-level athletes in Eastern Europe, and can fry the fat right off your bones.

I urge you to come down to our gym and see the transformation that's taking place with so many of our new members. And at two months, we're only in our infancy. Our high level of AKC technique allows greater intensity levels to be reached much more safely than any system I've encountered in 25 years. Progression truly NEVER needs to end!

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