20 Reasons to Join AKC Fitness LI

I'm a kettlebell coach not a master marketer, but since opening the first AKC Fitness LI, I've had to be a bit of both. My goal is to reach as many people as possible, spreading the word about the remarkable results that can be achieved with KettlebellFitness.

One of the best ways to get people interested in your product or service is to give them a simple list of how they'll benefit from association with you. As Master Kettlebell Coach, but novice marketer, my job is kind of simple, as I need only speak the truth.

Top 20 Reasons to Join AKC Fitness LI
  1. Built-In Introductory Course
  2. The KettlebellFitness System
  3. Personalized Training for all Members
  4. Custom Programming Whatever Your Goals
  5. Experienced Trainers and Coaches
  6. Weight Loss Plans, Sculpting, Toning
  7. Performance Protocols, Sport, Firefighters
  8. No Appointments Necessary - EVER!
  9. Cardio, Strength, Flexibility All in One Set
  10. Saves You Money, Time and Energy
  11. Exceptionally Low Injury Rate, Extremely Safe
  12. Ongoing Member Evaluations Ensure Progress
  13. All Workouts Recorded for You
  14. Learn a Skill that Will Last a Lifetime
  15. Enjoy the Camaraderie of a Small Group
  16. Access to Special Classes, Contests
  17. Appropriate for All Fitness Levels, Ages
  18. Multiple Memberships / Pricing Structures Available
  19. Protocols / Workouts Always Molded to Your Goals
  20. You Get to Wear Really Cool Shoes
To find out more about AKC Fitness LI, and what KettlebellFitness can do for you: CLICK HERE