Doubting Thomas, GG Part V

"I just don't get it," GG's new beau chimed in "How can THAT be healthy?" Her new found passion for kettlebell lifting has led to more than one long winded explanation.

"Look Thomas, the back doesn't initiate the movement" as she pointed at the YouTube video of Valery Fedorenko performing a snatch set. "The explosive power is all in the knee extension." Having heard enough, Tom finally agreed to accompany GG on her next visit to her new found passion.

Six or seven lifters were in various stages of typical arduous sets as the couple walked into AKC Fitness Long Island. The bells, while of various colors, were ALL the same size. As an attorney, Thomas' analytical mind was trying to rationalize why. As it turns out, professional grade bells, the only kettlebells used by the AKC, are all ergonomically designed for consistent technique and comfort. Weight differentials are created internally, within the ball of the bell.  

Lifters stared at their assigned clocks, all were internally focused with stoic expressions, as they bore their way through sets of multi-minute durations. Thomas was introduced to Coach Joe Cosmo and embarked on his first lesson.

Joe brought Tom through the session slowly. Dealing with a Doubting Thomas is never easy, but Joe knows how to get people's attention. Seemingly the picture of fitness, Tom has been training with weights for over twenty years. He is, no doubt, very strong, but has his share of aches and pains... you know, the same shoulder, knee, back issues that many exercisers accumulate over the years. Lately, with a heavier work schedule, busy social life, and a bit more aches and pains, Thomas has actually gained a few pounds around the middle, and feeling guilty about missing workouts. But he noticed that Gina seemed to be plugging along, making progress, joints feeling great.

Joe was demonstrating a Jerk set with a 24 kg kettlebell, making it look easy. Thomas knew that a 50 pound dumbbell was generally hard to work with, awkward and heavy to move around, never mind performing sets. He couldn't help but think, "how was this guy tossing a 53 pound kettlebell over his head dozens of times? Was it some kind of trick?"

Joe explained that while it partially was the high level technique that enabled him to out lift an apparently fit guy 40 pounds heavier, the Fedorenko Method was actually the vehicle that allowed him to progress safely and build such extreme strength and endurance. Using the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting, working towards the AKC gold standard of technique, fosters a steady progression UP.  This gave Doubting Thomas lots to think about as he struggled with 26 pounds.

More to come on Doubting Thomas and GG's progression....

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