A Gym Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Borrowing a line from an American classic sit-com, Cheers, we all feel at ease in a place where everybody does know our name. As a young man growing up in Brooklyn, I can recall a few such gyms. The popularity of the cold, stark health club hadn't caught on.  I met many good friends in the intimate environment of an old-school gym. Camaraderie promotes compliance. I was at the gym every night, or I was missed. There was some accountability that came along with the bond we formed, as my buddies and I worked toward similar goals.

AKC Fitness LI has become just that old school gym to many people. Members who've been around for more than a few weeks are becoming friends. The commitment to stick with it gets easier to keep with some social support. Members find it pleasurable to come to the gym, sometimes looking forward to the experience all day. The friendship, the laughter, the friendly competition, is akin to the "spoonful of sugar" that Mary Poppins sings about.

Our philosophy is to train hard, but enjoy sharing the experience, versus suffering solo. AKC Fitness LI has become a place to share experiences, knowledge, and a bit of suffering, but also tremendous satisfaction for a job well done. It's not uncommon for a cheer to rise up on the gym floor when a particularly intense set is completed. That type of genuine support can be hard to come by

AKC Fitness Long Island truly has become a place where everybody knows your name, as well as empathizes with your effort. This level of group support is often the catalyst for long term adherence and success with any worthwhile endeavor.

                                                              Did I hear someone shout? "Norm!"