June is Fit For Fire Month

I wrote the book on Firefighter Workouts about ten years ago. Many firefighters and departments across the country have adopted my programming to help them cope with rigors of firefighting. But overall, structured exercise of any kind is met with big resistance within the fire service. It seems both labor and management want to keep things status quo.

When you think of the consequences of that attitude, it's hard to comprehend. The major cause of on duty firefighter fatality is by far, heart attack. It's a simple matter of extreme overexertion without adequate preparation. Adrenalin kicks in, and most first responders will get the job done. But at what price?

Brothers and sisters of the fire service need to be ready to do, what they're willing to do. There's really no place on the front lines for a severely deconditioned firefighter. AKC Fitness Long Island is doing something about potential crisis, declaring June 2010 Fit For Fire Month, and offering departments around Long Island and the NYC metropolitan area a huge discount on firefighter group training, as well as individual savings on gym memberships.

Our recently developed First Responder Program showcases the timed sets of Kettlebell Lifting to very closely simulate exertion levels typical at fire operations, but gradually, progressively, under controlled conditions, allowing your body to acclimate over time. This means health, wellness, weight loss, as well as functional strength and endurance. 

To help get things rolling, we're having an open house on Saturday, June 5 from 10 to 2, and all firefighters and first responders are invited to attend. We'll be putting on demonstrations, offering free trial lessons, and serving free refreshments. 

We're located at 3597 Merrick Road in Seaford, NY, on Long Island, just two blocks west of route 135 on Merrick road. We look forward to seeing you there!

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