What's new at AKC Fitness Long Island

After three full months, things are moving along nicely. While the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting is the centerpiece of all our programming, we've moved into more specialized and custom protocols. Below is a list of what we've been offering our members.

Hands on Training at Every Level
Regardless of membership level, every member receives personalized training and instruction with experienced coaches every workout.

Beginner Intro to Kettlebells Course
All new members are given an Introductory Course at the start of their membership. Take advantage of our FREE Trial Lesson.

General Fitness Program
A simple, progressive system to achieve high levels of fitness
Become a WKC Licensed Kettlebell Fitness Instructor [CLICK HERE].

Rapid Weight Loss Plan
We place extra emphasis on caloric expenditure, providing 1000-plus calorie burning workouts, making weight loss faster, safer, easier.

Body Shaping Program
We are offering all new programs for muscle development, tone and definition. Now you can look as good as you feel!

Pre-Hab, Joint Health and Mobility Drills
Joint issues and muscle aches are all too common. We work directly with you to reduce post-exercise pain, increase mobility.

First Responder / Firefighter Program
Firefighters, EMS, rescue workers, police officers as well as all law enforcement, it's all about work capacity and passing CPAT.

Strength / Conditioning for Sports & Athletics
Build android levels of strength, endurance, speed and explosive power for all sports including lacrosse, soccer, football, and all the martial arts.

Traditional Kettlebell Sport
Soviet secrets released, competition-style training for the most progressive use of the kettlebell and associated results.