You Gotta Believe / GG Part VI

Coach Cosmo had more patience than most, but the new member, Doubting Thomas (as he came to be known at AKC Fitness LI) was trying his. Relax, relax, relax... Tom was bound up from years of weight lifting and nothing else. His central nervous system seemed to have one speed, full-tilt, whenever he picked up a weight. Starting from his ankles up, he appeared bound up, choppy, incapable of fluid movements.

The Fedorenko Method (FM) is more about movement than it is muscle. The glorious side effect of hard core muscle tone and dramatic weight loss are just part of the package. But, you've got to get there first, get past the tension and breath holding of traditional weight lifting and learn to do cardio with weights... for time. That's what is so superior about FM, the sheer volume of repetitions over time that build android levels of work capacity, allowing you to develop in whatever way you choose.

Joe once again explained to Thomas that if he could relax, move WITH the bell, not fight it at every turn, he would be able to do many, many more reps, while getting much stronger. Joe told Tom that when working within the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting, the resultant work load will eventually (but gradually) become so enormous that the natural human acclimation process will create off the chart results -- literally, without exaggeration from American standards.

This is something untapped and not yet recognized in western society, but is about to EXPLODE onto the sport and fitness scene when a professional, high profile sports organization adapts FM for their own.  But we digress, as Joe was simply trying to get Tom to connect, relax, use his legs, move like a kettlebell lifter. Pretty simple stuff. It was only the third week of Doubting Thomas' training, and if he kept at it, Joe knew what would happen. He'd change, plain and simple.

Tom would learn to move differently, generate much more force in a healthier way. He would lose weight, have greater range of motion in all of his joints, and be able to run farther, faster, longer. Most of the pains in his joints would disappear. Any extreme or mundane physical endeavor would become easier, from roofing to rugby, he'd be more prepared. Because of his training, everything in life would get easier. But for now, it really was a simple matter of teaching Tom how to Jerk properly, Joe knew the rest would just follow.

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