2010 Kettlebell Fitness Challenge

Coach Mike with first place female 
S/C C Challenge Winner Melissa Brady
Event Description
Complete three, six minute sets of One Arm Jerk, Snatch, and One Arm Long Cycle with one hand switch. There will be two minutes of rest between sets (Level 17 of the WKC Fitness Protocol). Work with any kettlebell (8kg to 32kg), but each weight is assigned a factor of 1 per 8 kilograms. No points will be awarded beyond rep limitations as follows:
  1. Jerk  or Push Press at 16 rpm max
  2. Snatch at 16 rpm max or Half Snatch at 14 rpm max
  3. Long Cycle or Long Cycle Push Press at 10 rpm max
    September 19, 2010

    AKC Fitness Long Island
    3597 Merrick Road in Seaford

    8 to 8:30 AM weigh-in

    This event is open to all AKC Fitness Long Island members and non members. First place winner receives $100 git certificate toward membership. Second place will be awarded a $50 certificate towards a membership. Long distance member can convert to per session Trial Membership at equivalent pricing. Winner would get 5 session ($100 value), second place winner get 3 ($60 value) session. One first, and one second place prize will be awarded in both male and female categories.