As Seen On TV

It was a hot morning on Long Island as we headed over to the News12 studio. This wasn't our first dealings with television media. When my book first published in 2000, we did about a dozen broadcasts. The news media tends to have an agenda, and inexperienced guests could get swallowed up, especially in a live segment.

But we were determined to represent ourselves and the AKC in a very pure fashion, exactly how we teach kettlebell lifting to our membership on a daily basis.  Staying to true to the Fedorenko Method and general philosophy was our main goal. So when News12 wanted us to lift kettlebells on the lawn in front of their studio, I had to voice my first objection. When lifting, it's important to work on a solid surface, with shoes that provide support and traction.

The producers wanted upper and lower body exercises, but every kettlebell exercise in our arsenal works full body, with no isolation. When presenting the information, I could only point out where greater emphasis lies, and never say, "do this exercise for your arms, and this one for your legs."

Elizabeth Hashagen is a bit of celeb on Long Island, but we'd never met. I'd only seen her on TV and  briefly spoken with her on the phone. She was crazy-busy at the crack of dawn, as we prepared to go live with our first broadcast. My team was already moving their kettlebells, kicking off the first of seven segments that were slotted to air all day, performing the Kettlebell Swing. The interview started suddenly, as Elizabeth asked me a few basic questions as bells continued to fly. When ready to give it a try, she handed me the microphone and picked up a bell. Mostly lifting with her arm versus swinging, I immediately pointed out that the Swing was a leg movement that used momentum. That sent Elizabeth right into a squat, a common beginner reaction. On live TV I had to correct her, mentioning that squatting was NOT the objective of the Swing.

I stayed true to Fedorenko Methodology, and Elizabeth remained a total professional, as well as a great sport. Each segment built on the previous, and we have segment one for your viewing pleasure: [VIEW SEGMENT ONE VIDEO].

Special thanks to Elizabeth Hashagen and the News12 team.