Beat Joe Cosmo

Event Description
Do more reps than Joe Cosmo in One Arm Jerk (Push Press or Press accepted with proper lockouts, all reps and lockouts will be judged by a third party) with a 24 kilogram kettlebell. One hand-switch is permitted, with a ten minute set limit. If the bell is put down or touches the floor, the set ends. Women can work with a 16kg bell.

July 10, 2010

AKC Fitness Long Island
3597 Merrick Road in Seaford

 10AM to 1PM

 Do more reps than Joe Cosmo

One month membership, including FREE Intro Course at AKC Fitness LI ($229 value)

About Joe
Joe is a 23 year old, FDNY candidate, volunteer firefighter, and AKC Kettlebell Coach. He stands 5' 6" tall and weighs 155 pounds. He trains three or four times per week for less than 30 minutes per workout. His training consist of mostly kettlebells with a moderate amount of bodyweight stuff (push ups, pull ups) thrown in. Always at the ready to pass an upcoming physical, Joe keeps fit with a rather minimal investment in time.

An official repetition is completed when the hand, arm and kettlebell fixate overhead, with no movement and elbow locked. The Judge gives the count, and the bell is allowed to be lowered. Resting the kettlebell on top of the shoulder is not permitted. The kettlebell must be lowered to chest height before another rep is attempted. A brief demonstration on proper technique will be given to all contestants.

No WKC, AKC trainers or coaches, or AKC Fitness LI current or previous members are permitted to enter. Joe will perform his set at 1PM, closing all further applications.