The Fedorenko Method and 20 Minutes

This is a story about 20 individuals who did something noteworthy in 20 minutes. Most of the 20 never held a weight (never mind a kettlebell) for more than 30 seconds prior to joining AKC Fitness LI. This cross sectional group ranged in age from 22 to 56, from 100 pounds to 250 pounds. A few were quite deconditioned initially, though some arrived relatively fit, but all looking for something better.

We've been working with many people over the last few months, teaching the Fedorenko Method day in and day out. Our coaching staff always stays pure to the methodology as we customize overall programming for each individual.  The coaches and members work closely together, always working towards specific goals with an intelligent approach.

Our idea was to have a group Long Cycle Class on a Friday night. We established a 20 minute time frame, and set up each member for weight, rep, and hand switch scheme.  While we had a full house, not everyone could make the class, and many more wanted to do the set, so our resourceful coaches worked it into their daily programming.

While there are many challenges in the sport of kettlebells, some far loftier than a 20 minute Long Cycle set, for a relative beginner, this represents a serious accomplishment. 20 minutes in one set can be a milestone for any lifter, as well as an exceptional motivational tool. I congratulate all of our members who rose to the challenge and did something that some thought wasn't possible a few short months, or even weeks ago. Continue to do the work, and this will be one of many milestones.

Kudos AKC Fitness LI Members!