Kettlebell Sports Performance Camp 2010

Traditional weight training is something many of us were weaned on as young adults. As a teenager, I trained body parts, not my body as a whole, but thankfully I saw the light. As a young firefighter I realized that functional full body training was necessary to actually improve work capacity and true fitness. And many times, huge pecs and biceps really had nothing to do with physical ability. Rather, hypertrophy in the upper body had a tendency to REDUCE work capacity and general performance.

I spent years creating workouts that mimic the extreme nature of firefighting. In 2006 I met Valery Fedorenko and the American Kettlebell Club and that search ended. The Fedorenko Method has changed the way I approach all exercise. Ultra high rep timed sets, with stellar level technique describes it best. The transfer of strength, endurance, speed, stamina, explosiveness to other sports is nothing short of astonishing.

Utilizing the Fedorenko Method when working with young athletes can bring about dramatic results - quickly. And it's not necessary to sacrifice speed for strength. Our training will enhance all physical motor skills including quickness, while improving dynamic weight transfer, timing, and taking advantage of the explosive moment, or sweet spot, common in all sport.  This is central nervous system training on a very deep level. Joints and connective tissue are also strengthened, keeping the athlete healthy.

Young people really enjoy the variety of the programming and built in challenge when training with kettlebells, it keeps them coming back, working hard. Healthy and limber, their bodies acclimate and advance quickly. Our sport specific programs can customize the training around the specific activities encountered within the each sport, making the athlete's training even more effective. At times, we combine various modalities to enhance overall training.

Kettlebell Summer Camp for Young People starts on July 5. 
This is a special pilot program being run at a big discount of only $149 for eight sessions

Our team of coaches at AKC Fitness LI are ready to demonstrate to you the effectiveness of our program. AKC Fitness LI members are all testimony to what a kettlebell lifter trained with the Fedorenko Method can accomplish in all physical endeavors. Please contact us for a demonstration at our gym or yours.

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