The Motivator - The Story of Julie S.

Julie on 7/30/10
Julie on 6/10/10
Updated on July 30th, 2010
This is the story of Julie. Currently, a stay-at-home-mom, Julie S. is a busy lady who hasn't put herself first for a long time. This beautiful young woman might have gained a few pounds over the years, but recently made a decision to reduce her total body fat to a healthier level, and get back to the body she remembers, lighter, leaner, stronger. Our AKC Fitness LI signage caught her eye, and she drove by our storefront on Merrick Road in Seaford NY. In the past she had worked with trainers who always seemed to have their own personal agenda, pushing Julie into isolation-style resistance training that really did little more than aggravate old injuries. Needless to say, results were minimal and her initial experience with regimented exercise was not at all positive. 

Her diet road was no different. Weight Watchers style diet programs typically call for a dramatic reduction in calories. We all know people who've lost a lot on these programs, but they're tough to maintain for the long-term. Once Julie returned to a more sustainable caloric intake versus 1200 calories a day, the weight would always returned. This time around, she simply resolved to stay away from high calorie fatty, fried, processed foods and liquid calories, while eating plenty of grains, fruits, and vegetables, simply using common sense when making food choices without the starvation. Everything in moderation become Julie's mantra.

The decision to exercise was not as straightforward, as she was not sure on how to get started. By a stroke of luck she found AKC Fitness Long Island and we immediately made use of the WKC Kettlebell Fitness Protocol. We prioritized exercise volume in a 30 minute to one hour intensive sessions, with the 20-level WKC Fitness Protocol as the program centerpiece. As a busy mom, Julie made it to the gym three days per week. A regular with the morning crowd, and been dubbed "The Motivator", because of her extraordinary work ethic. She trains hard, gets real results, and with no wasted time or effort, but remains injury free.

Her program consists of The WKC Kettlebell Protocol, combined with a bit assistance work, that includes small doses of sandbags, bosu ball, and gravity training, with a splash of cardiovascular work as an active rest, warmup or cool down. At the outset, assistance work can help fill in some of the gaps until good technique allows greater intensity to be safely reached. Julie's workouts rarely exceed 45 minutes, and of the writing of this article (five months into her training), she's lost 30 pounds. In her own words, she is "delighted to have her waist back." The change has been gradual but continuous, reflecting her consistency and dedication. Her program is sustainable long-term, doable day in, day out!

On her first day Julie struggled with our lightest kettlebell, while a few minutes a treadmill took her breath away. I'm proud to declare that presently she can work for twenty continuous minutes with a 26 pound kettlebell WITHOUT EVER SETTING THE BELL DOWN, performing almost 250 REPS IN ONE SET. That's a remarkable accomplishment for a truly hard worker. Julie is an inspiration to every lifter at AKC Fitness LI, and we all look forward to her continued progress in and out of the gym. 

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