The Evolution of Kettlebells in America 2010

In January 2007, by invitation only, I attended the first American Kettlebell Club Coaches' Certification presented by Honored Kettlebell Master of Sport, Valery Fedorenko.  After 20 years in the fitness industry, a published book that's sold over sixty thousand copies, everything I believed to be true about building strength speed, and stamina dramatically changed. What Coach Fedorenko has managed to accomplish in just four years could be aptly described as The Evolution of Kettlebells  in America 2010.
About three years ago I put together an article entitled The Evolution of Kettlebells in America, which stirred up a bit of controversy under the anonymous umbrella of rather ignorant internet discussion forums. A select few small-minded individuals, with overgrown egos, managed to even take offense at some of the ground-breaking information that was presented.
My background as a New York City firefighter, spending most of my career working in the inner-city, had instilled in me a burning desire to find the absolute best strength and conditioning program available that would ultimately save the lives of firefighters and those they raced to save. My search led me down many roads, some a bit more productive than others, but all paled in comparison to the Fedorenko Method of Kettlebell Lifting. When I attended the first American Kettlebell Club Coaches' Cert in Cincinatti, it was impossible to ignore the evidence thrust before me, and the android level of off-the-chart performances I was personally witness to. Valery quickly gained my trust and became my kettlebell lifting mentor and true friend. Coach Fedorenko has made himself available to me on every level. With the recent release of the VF Workout Channel on YouTube, this information is available to everybody.

Master of Sport Rank Achieved
Within a year of working with the Fedorenko Method, I personally succeeded in coaching one of this country's first Master of Sport rankings, when my athlete and student, the talented Ashley Hughes, earned an MS ranking in Miami's World Kettlebell Competition in November 2007.

However, the true value of kettlebell lifting in this country is something many Russians (even some high level champions) don't really really appreciate. While high level athletes will always lead the way with ground breaking performances, there is a trickle down that sets the pace for lifters at every level, while most individuals (at least initially) have no desire to step up on the competition platform. Coach Fedorenko understands this important distinction better than anyone else. 

Master of Force Generation
A true master of sustained, efficient, explosive force generation, Valery Fedorenko is the premier source for kettlebell lifting knowledge, progression, and technique. Whether for sport, strength and conditioning, fitness, weight loss, firefighters, law enforcement, health, wellness, sports, as well as emergency service and other high-risk occupations, he leads the way. As head of Team America, I consider Coach Fedorenko my coach, America's Coach, who is available to every athlete who competes under our American flag. Would a NY Jet seek out training or advice of a NY Giants head coach?  No!  Valery is Head Coach of the American Kettlebell Club, as well as Kettlebell Team America, and available to all Americans Kettlebell Lifters, and offering the best possible information, as demonstrated by the ever-improving results of AKC trained athletes.

With all due respect to the Russian lifter (left unnamed in this article) who has stated otherwise, we have quite a few Master of Sport rankings in America. Catherine Imes, Marty Farrell, Ashley Hughes, Scott Helsley, Maya Garcia, to name a few, have all earned Master of Sport Ranking in America training under the Fedorenko method. American athletes improve year after year. Our ranked  lifters will quickly multiply. With the national exposure future AKC Affiliate Gymnasiums around thecountry will bring, Americans simply need a bit more time under the bell and  tutelage of Coach Fedorenko, and his team of top coaches.

Valery Fedorenko continues to hone the sport of kettlebell lifting. While there are many kettlebell champions, Coach Fedorenko has actively, and successfully, adapted the sport of kettlebell lifting into a premier fitness and strength/conditioning tool, suitable for potentially millions of strength / conditioning and fitness enthusiasts or every age and level. His thorough understanding of each lift, deep respect and uncanny understanding of the sport itself, place Valery Fedorenko in the perfect position to revolutionize fitness in the United States and around the world. The Tiger Woods of Kettlebell Lifting, Valery's abilities are only exceeded by his desire to build genuine kettlebell lifting in America.
In a recent conversation with Coach Fedorenko, Valery said, "Mike, we're making history here." I quickly agreed, "Coach, you couldn't be more correct."
A Program for Everybody
Since the formation of the American Kettlebell Club, Coach Fedorenko has developed numerous effective, sound, safe, practical, sport, fitness, as well as strength and conditioning Kettlebell Lifting Protocols. At AKC Fitness LI, the first  of many future AKC affiliates in this country, an experienced staff of coaches and trainers administer the VF-Methhod on a daily basis. After only a few short months, we are seeing off-the-chart-results. Valery Fedorenko is truly the one and only American Kettlebell Coach!

Rachael After 2 Months on VF-Method
Last 2 minutes of 16kg Jerk Set